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Your whole interview process was really insightful, and I could totally imagine offering that as a service.


I could also imagine someone else paying you just to help them pull out the gears.


Parkour Practitioner

I've recorded half of a podcast with Matt and it's like nothing else I've experienced. 


It feels like Matt is coaching me to better formulate some of the most difficult to explain concepts I have in my mind.

Michael Ashcroft

Alexander Technique Teacher

Blue Brain

Describe the Indescribable

We'll focus on one single skill or mental model that you''d like others to learn.


Then, using our unique modelling processes, we'll work to find the murky, hard to describe center of that skill or mental model and put that into words, recorded for the podcast.


We'll share teach the  skill or model to others, and include their stories in the podcast as well.


Finally, (if you give permission), we'll create a short video lesson teaching the skill or model.  20% of the profits from that lesson will go to the charity of your choosing.

The Process

How we dig into your implicit knowledge and tacit skils to make them explicit.



We decide exactly what it makes sense to focus on.



We understand the journey behind the knowledge.



We find words for your implicit felt sense of the model or skill.



We share the model and use feedback to refine it.

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What is Intentional?

Wait, you create lessons from these interviews? How does that work?

How long does the interview typically take?

How large is your audience?

What if I don't know how to explain my ability or mental model in an understandable way?

How do I choose an ability or mental model?

Is there something you are good at, but you don't know how to explain how you do what you do? Maybe you are doing it mostly unconscious, or there is some way of approaching a problem that is super obvious to you but you have noticed is not obvious to others.


The interview method Matt is using is designed to draw out such implicit knowledge. Matt already interviewed me on my approach to event organising, I found it super useful, and it helped me feeling more confident in delegating, because I can now explain what it is I want someone to do.

- Linda Linsefors, Event Coordinator

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